Who is

Marie L. Chopper?

The relevant bits

If satire, self-depreciating humor and a touch of idealism is your thing, then we could be friends. And if you lament for the human race while suffering the delusion that reasonable people will win in the end, you should read the stories on this website.

Growing up in New Zealand in the nineteen eighties my first job was gluing apple boxes for my despotic parents. During the riotous period that was my teenage years I watched The Simpsons which provided guidance yet little direction and confirmed my suspicions about people and life in general. At this time I decided a tertiary education was the answer.

In my twenties I worked at a photocopy shop laminating pictures of young women for a pedophile while avoiding responsibility and career decisions; I believed I would find a better way to do life and career yet ended up working in a fish factory.

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