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A Misguided Worker

Amusing stories about terrible jobs by Marie L. Chopper.

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These stories are about my haphazard journey to find a job I like. Although they are meant to be funny, I’ve been told they are mean. The stories begin where it all ended – at the final mind-numbing job that broke me when I was thirty years old.

Chapter 1

The beginning and the End

I wondered if staying in my job was a masochistic tendency or a symptom of low intelligence. Stagnant and suffering decision paralysis, I decided my job was like one of those emotionally damaging relationship where the sex is excellent and, although I knew it was a bad relationship, I kept going back to it against my own better judgement.

Chapter 2

Fourteen Cents

My parents were my first employers. They were cruel, despotic, tyrannical and manipulative capitalists. In a large hangar-like shed with tractors, tools, dust and wooden bins of freshly picked apples, I took flat sheets of cardboard and shaped and glued them into boxes.

Chapter 3

Flyers for Jaffas

The day we trudged up and down the university streets, spreading the news of This Week’s Specials, was hot and still and the sun was burning my skin. Mum walked along one side of the street while Sam and I walked the other, occasionally detouring to cul-de-sacs to stuff flyers in letterboxes.

How it all began

I wrote a book called A Misguided Work Life, a Memoir and Imaginings as a way to look back and reflection upon and laugh at my upbringing and journey to find a job I like.

However, upon completing the book, I realised I had too enthusiastically laughed at myself (good) and other people (bad). To avoid defamation lawsuits and keep the few friends and family I have, I share with you the least offensive chapters for your reading pleasure.

Feel free to comment at the end of each story and get in touch. Maybe I’ve made you feel a little better about the crappy jobs you have had.

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